• aleesa 5w

    Happy birthday dear headache ��
    You look like a fat chocolaty cake ��
    18 years ago you were born ����
    That day even the monster had to mourn ��
    You add to the pollution level of this world ✊��
    Wherever you go things turn curled ����
    You are always there to spoil my good day ��
    I wish I could throw you at a far away bay ��
    Nothing is useless but your silly jokes ��
    The kind of shit that can make you choke ����‍♀️
    Somedays it feels you are born to annoy me ��
    But let me tell you ,, you are an adoptee ����
    Your birth certificate is an apology letter ��
    And let me remind you" Never use Dettol"����‍♀️
    I just don't know why you never bath ?? ��
    As if the cold water will give you a wrath ��
    Please don't talk about how much you stink ��
    About all these complaints,soon you should think ✊��
    What's your relation with the zeroes in the tests ? ��
    As if getting zeroes will make you win contests ��
    Always stay happy and flash those yellow teeth��
    Or else you know my power punches beneath ☺️
    ©Aleesa Khan

    July 3 ' 2020
    For my best(worst) friend @saqib_mukhtar
    I wish you a happy birthday ❤️. Live Long. Mr pollutant ��

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    Happy Birthday. I thank you for making my life miserable ❤️