• the_quirky_poetess 35w

    Memories of a dead love

    I have claimed time and again that I have forgotten you,
    I have tried with all my soul to let go,
    To embrace that you are no longer coming back,
    I have tried to smile and look beyond your shoulder to a life that awaits me,
    I have taken a few steps,
    Moving away from things that bring me back to you,
    But still, I find myself trying to trace my steps back,
    Back to the memories,
    Our memories,
    Of a love that you killed,
    A love that is now dead,
    And even the corpse refuses to decay,
    Because I keep it alive,
    I embalm it with my emotions, with my soul, hoping that you would come back,
    And now, I have nothing left to give,
    Tell me, oh love,
    What do I do?