• maladaptive_dreamer 9w

    Misty Enchant - Induction

    „I am the queen of all ejected mages. These who were too evil to be in White Kingdom and too good to be in the Dark Kingdom. This is the home for all these who doesn't fit anywhere. You belong here - on Forgotten Island.”
    This was the speech that queen Misty Enchant, that is how we all know her, said after putting the crown on her head to help all of those forbidden, abonded, rejected ones.
    Till now, Forbidden Island is known for helping those who asks. White Kingdom or Dark Kingdom can have her army by their side at the same time or at least some type of shield or enhancement. Queen herself claimed that she will never go into cruel battle because her people, her kingdom has been cruelly mocked by others, but once you attack her walls out of dark source of black magic, she will not hold back for revenge. Both of the other kingdoms knows well, that she is able to subvert both of them in couple of hours, they are affraid of upsetting her. So they signed agreement with her, that said „No soldiers, no warriors, no mages, no creatures, no weapon will show up at my ramparts. If so, you will burn and drown in anger of mine, not a single soul will be spared.”
    The truth about her being so strong and powerful is her guardian Dark Eye, that everyone though is just a myth. It's an old soul of one of the powerful and majestic kings that kept whole world united until his death, where he was betrayed by his own brother. Dark Eye was wandering the world just to find someone strong enough to survive soul accession. He granted her even more power, strength, never aging and ability to change her source of magic. That said, she can become the one that will guard her allies with shield, that noone can pass through, but also blend into the shadows and travel through darkness while being invisible. And he - The Dark Eye is always by her side, circling around her whole body, looking like smoke, like snake made out of smoke with wolfs head connected to her. He will wander and travel the world without being spotted as he is still connected to her with his tail, telling the queen about what he sees, giving her good chance to come up with great tactics, hide all mothers and kids and also elderly people. Her people trust her, believe in her that she will always protect them with all of her heart. After all, she loves them, she wants to be good queen, as she is proving it through out the years.
    The White Kingdom never really cared about her because they trust her, as she will never want to subjugate the whole kingdom to create empire. Unlike the Dark Kingdom that wants others to burn in hell and suffer, make them work for them and who knows what else is going on in their heads. The queen is very cautious and careful when it comes to trading with them or helping them. What if it's a trap? That is why she is always close, watching from her hiding spot, securing her warriors, her soldiers so that nothing can happened to them and their kids will always remain father, their mothers will always remain son.