• jadavchetry_ 9w

    "Love is so unpredictable" (Part 1)

    The journey began in the land of mountains
    where I found you behind the curtains,
    You looked at me with the innocence in your eyes
    which gave me the courage to look at you twice.

    For the initial days,we were like
    the strangers out for a query,
    But,as we started getting along
    the urge inside our heart
    started falling for the prolong.

    I still remember the beautiful journey we made
    sitting in the adjacent seats of the train
    The kind of charm you added to it
    made it one of the most ravishing journeys
    ever undertaken.

    The time at the junction was a tough one for me
    to say you good bye
    with a very scanty hope of
    merging next time into your eye,
    Yet I did it by a sweet gesture in your cheeks
    with the enormous yearning to see you again.