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    •σн му ¢нσρρєя•

    Oh chopper
    I felt in love with you today
    (even momentarily)
    With your body so lovely so grey
    With the sounds you made
    Making my heart skip a beat at some rate
    Even though seeing you wasn't my first time
    But this time you felt completely different

    Not even half a way with this poem
    And you appeared again
    This time my heart was on some disco
    Blushing the hell out as if I saw BTS in San Francisco
    My hands were shaking
    My eyes were shining
    My neck held the blood stopping the plasma over-gushing
    Oh how can I fall for you?
    You gave me euphoria
    I watched you taking a round & inspecting
    A n d o h m y g o d
    You came again taking a round
    This time my flesh and blood
    taking a toll on my health
    Secretly praying the humans in them wouldn't have
    Caught me catching your glimpse in an adiabatic
    So blushingly because hello I'm the introverted still as pathetic
    Going away, I felt your faint sounds
    Resonating at slow pace
    You were taking rounds again
    I knew, I must watch you again
    But this time
    Without any poetry in my mind
    Thank you for making me calm
    Even though I know you came because of the pandemic alarm.

    The last time I saw you was you going away
    Finally getting higher, drifting & diminishing away
    I felt as if will I be able to see you again?
    So I waved at you secretly
    Saying meet you again grey fairyman-
    But next time not because of some pandemic
    Or havoc
    But really wishing for something good;
    A good endeavor.


    °picture credits: ��mY poTato caMera��
    °any grammatical error is requested to be pointed out and let me know, if you're reading this.

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