• joybirdpoetry 5w


    I just want to wake up he said.
    As she pointed out the window to the endless blue sky of a perfect autumn day,
    where the wonders of nature awaited, sure to deliver a rainbow burst of beauty straight to the heart.
    The feel of damp earth beneath the feet and the sting of salt water against the skin to make you feel alive.
    I just want to wake up he said.
    As she boarded the plane that would take her to magical far away lands of brilliant white sands and azure seas and snow capped mountains stretching all the way to heaven, the air so pure you fall down dizzy drunk.
    I just want to wake up he said.
    As she held the golden ticket in her hand.
    The access all areas gateway to culture – art, music, poetry, dance.
    An invitation to tap into the primitive and become completely intoxicated by colours and sounds and beats and words so beautiful it’s like a firework going off inside your brain.
    I just want to wake up he said.
    As she welcomed the rowdy crowd through the front door.
    Together moments where hugs are given freely and cacophonous laughter reverberates against walls, souls being nourished with good food and good company and good times.
    Batteries recharging before heading back out to the daily grind of life, but with enough energy gained from the touches and tastes and lifting of spirits to carry them through.
    I just want to wake up he said.
    And as she walked out the door towards the glorious day, towards the endless possibilities of what lay ahead, excitement mounting with every step she stopped for a moment.
    You slept too long she said.