• sammiey119_sarah_p 24w


    Together we can be stronger.
    As one we can survive.
    Teamwork can work wonders.
    But it's not teamwork
    If we divide ourselves.
    As Abe said,
    "A house divided amongst itself cannot stand."
    And if people continue to point out problems,
    And not do anything about them
    When they can.
    Then we cannot stand together.
    We lay on the floor,
    Scrambling about,
    "Every man for himself".
    This is why we are falling.
    And sadly,
    Those who are fighting to keep us together
    Are not enough,
    Not yet at least.
    Wet must stop these foolish games
    Of rape-and-go-seek
    Shoots and latters
    Red Rover Dead Rover
    Pin the Knife on the Elephant
    Cops and Robbers
    The Blame-Game
    And all this nonsense.
    Find a real solution.
    Don't lie
    Don't cheat
    And don't kid.
    Keep your eyes open for the best option,
    And help fix these issues,
    So we can be standing strong again.