• sunglory 22w


    Deep in the meadows,there lived a Genie named sparkle,
    He went out with his friends when the night got darker,
    Poor!Genie lost his way,
    Into twining woods he went astray,
    There he met a prince in robes,
    Alas!prince lost his golden gloves,
    Genie turned the magic wand,
    Lo! Behold ! The gloves were in prince's hands,
    The prince thanked him and said,
    What can i do for my novel friend,
    Genie asked him to show the way,
    Deep in the meadows, he used to stay,
    Prince asked Genie to sit on his horse,
    Separated from his friends, Genie was in remorse,
    But soon he was to find his lovely place,
    He ran to his friends and thanked the prince for his grace,
    The prince with his gloves in hands went back to castle,
    Deep in the meadows, there lived a Genie named sparkle.