• aries_forever1803 5w

    For you my Friend, who became my Folk..

    When I say this, “For you my Friend who became my Folk”.. you should know that, I won't say this line to anyone silly, I consider you as a Priceless Gem, which turned out, to be my best thing that can ever happen.
    So, when you feel down or dishearten or dismotivated.. just remember one thing, ‘You’ aren't in this alone, it's ‘Us’, together fighting for it. If you ever need a longggg tight hug, don't hesitate jump right into me.. I can handle you!! haha!

    So, Just skip the reason which is stressing your Brain and Heart.
    I know it's pretty easy to say something like this, just give it a try, Who knows something ‘Magical’ may happen..!
    And trust me ‘Miracles’ happens to only those who believe in them.

    - GJ