• khemmie_ray 5w

    I Miss You

    Every face reminds me of you
    What we had
    What we shared
    Our pretty little secrets
    Our ceaseless chatters.
    Your voice rides on the wind
    Bringing forth your sweet whispers
    That makes my ear tingle
    Your aura sweeps all around me
    I see you everywhere
    Every time I open my eyes
    The sun reminds me of your radiance
    The moon your glow
    The cloud your coolness
    The birds your sonorous voice
    The mad traffic I hate
    Reminds me of a world
    We get lost in when it is
    Just you and me
    Every waking day
    The ticking time
    Reminds me of a life spent with you
    And the reality of your absence
    The stabbing truth of your demise
    I hate death
    For stealing a precious soul as yours
    But I still see you
    Smiling before me
    And all I just want is
    A world of you and me!