• mayor_bliss 6w


    Blood looms with calamity,
    Flesh ripped off it skin,
    Teeth dismantled from the jaw,
    Skulls scooped out of the head,
    Bodies laid uncovered on streets and pavements,
    Flies are seen perching on the remains.

    Fear gripped my entire soul,
    Upon trembling feet and numb hands,
    I watched as tears streamed down my face,
    Wallowing in pains from choked lungs,
    Does this country have leaders at all?
    How come our land frowned with bitterness?

    My heart bleeds like a soaked flame,
    My bowel heavy as that of a dying prey,
    Nigerians are dying sorrowfully,
    Under a Green White Green stained flag of Red,
    Our land flows in pool of blood,
    While our voices are lent in anguish.