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    I really want to discuss about this issue, these are my thoughts and there could be mistakes, so please forgive me before hand.

    I hope this reaches as many people as possible, because there are few people who need to hear this.

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    Taking your won life is as worst as any other crime. Your problems maybe big or small, every problem has a solution and thats why we call it problem because it can be solved in many ways and self harm is not one of it. In BC era, people sacrificed their life to safe guard their families, in the 17th century people fought for their freedom. And their life was sacrifices not because they had a problem with themselves, it was because they had to sacrifice their life for others who they care. It was selfless and if those people could wish, they would tell I will fight till I get my freedom and never will give up. And now people kill their self because they can't face their own problems which is selfish. Please do think about the people who love you, your parents who are always their for you, you friends, and many others. Killing yourself is never a solution. You maybe be hurt, but it cannot be more than your parents who will be hurt after you hurt yourself. Please this is my humble request, talk to your parents or friend's or anyone your close to, they will help you find a solution. Voice your problems because it's your right.