• sumielizabeth 6w


    Inspiration can strike anywhere and can be found in anyone. It doesn't have to come from an extraordinary place. An ordinary person living an ordinary life can also inspire. I believe that inspiration is everywhere and kindness is in most places. There are forces that are not so kind no doubt but I feel their numbers are far fewer than people who inspire, but sadly we pay attention to them more because they hurt more. We treat insult like an injury and let it sink more than a compliment. We let someone tell us who we are because we think they know us better. We forget to be grateful for millions of blessings we have received today, yes today. Think about it why do we that, why is crticisim louder than praise. Why is hate louder than love because we let the ordinary things, ordinary people, the ones who are kind to us everyday our own family and everybody else around us who are inspiring go unnoticed.