• bidisa 5w

    Slice of Life #166

    The tiny group of doctors had their oropharyngeal swab taken for covid19 testing on the 8th day of quarantine after 35 days of work at a remote covid hospital.

    Day 13 of Quarantine
    2:00 pm

    NG: i think we will get our reports today!
    B: why do you think so? Is it because today is our 13th day?
    NG: NO - because i have used all of my detergent - i cannot wash clothes and tea cups any more, if i l stay!
    A: You need detergent? I have enough -
    A was interrupted by N, the front desk officer of the guest house they were staying at.

    N: doctors, all of you turned out to be negative - your covid reports have just arrived. Congratulations

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