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    Inside My Negative Mind: The Chronicles #life #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Confessions: Inside My Negative Mind II

    One day, you'll be getting your child's diapers at your highschool classmate's shop and you'll look at each other as if you don't recognize each other because you'll both feel a particular way, but deep down, you'll be like, "I'm old enough not to judge you and you're grown enough not to give a fuck about my life." One day, you'll be seeing your exs on screens, and you'll not tell anyone you know them because of the way things ended. One day, you'll be hearing your old classmate just launched a brand. And you'll be looking at your life and telling yourself that we all have what we've got. And you'll be very right; but o' how long it took for you to see that! Our lives are so loud right now, but it'll all be quiet one day, just like in the grave... only we'll be alive to feel every bit of the torment.