• dusky_dawn 5w

    I started hurting the places I go.I started hurting the walls of my room with my intense troubled glaring. I am pain. Pain is me.

    Let this be temporary just like me.

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    I'd been battling with this emotion called Love.They say I am afraid to let anyone in my system but they are wrong I am afraid of letting them ruin my mental peace for all I know it'll be dead once they'll decide "This is it"for all i know how I'll handle that toxic treatment.I run away from people only to run into them again. Again. Again. Again.I try licking away the hurt I get everytime I try to be happy.But the pain intensifies making me realise "They are all same"and a not a single one out there is different. All are finding souls to hurt,to sprinkle pain on.I distance myself from every torn, tired soul who tries to find happiness in me because I don't want to drain their energy out, I don't want to drain out their belief in love because they deserve a better soul the one who tear their every ounce of sadness but that's not me because with me "The sadness comes along".