• mahamagz00 24w


    I have evolved

    to survive in the blackest depths
    where there is no light, no sound.
    To survive at the tallest heights
    where the air is too thin to breathe.
    Yet, I am being crushed by the immense pressure
    of the unexplored trenches of my mind.
    I am being suffocated by the lack of oxygen
    at the sickening peaks of my vacant euphoria.

    I have evolved 

    not to thrive, not to live, but to survive, to exist.
    I can't remember the last time I felt human
    at the apex or the bottom of my trivial existence.
    I don't believe that I ever was, because 
    humans have evolved to live
    on stable grounds below the cliffs.
    They have evolved to build the ships
    that sail above me while I drift.

    I have evolved
    .  only to exist.