• bubbazord 5w


    How do I live
    With the will to give
    But not a subject matter
    To know what matters
    An idea floating just out of my reach
    And a reach that I had
    But now quickly is fleeting
    And happiness, blood from my soul is secreting
    When words seem to have even less
    and less meaning
    Because all that's been said has been said
    millions over
    By one or another
    Don't tell me it's over
    Or tell me the truth
    It's already ended
    And no promise or newly developed creed
    can mend it
    So fend it
    All the nasty thoughts of your life
    What once could be joyful now cuts like a knife
    Ideas passed along and shared by receivers
    Seems so impossible
    But dont fear the reaper
    Because you must go searching
    Keep your eyes on the horizon
    Keep your head in the clouds
    For it seems that I've been
    Trying to grow up too quickly and I
    Lost all of it, every second of time
    Spent to the reaching of goals everlasting
    But my thoughts now consist of lost souls and a blasting