• khusi_the_happiness 23w


    I saw
    Just before eternity
    In the skyline serenity
    Adjesent to golden prosperity
    With thin sparkling horizon conformity
    Beneath the cozy cloud diversity
    found a mild fresh thinkability
    Of pleasant mind brevity

    There resides an entity
    In state of frosty feasibility
    Blending deep into surreality
    Of ethereal clear certainty
    With a heavenly nessesity
    In the deepest core of divinity
    Called Beautiful "heart city"

    Brewing fresh emotions
    Coffee bean sensations
    Aroma ful of confessions
    Bubbles giving suggestions
    Taste enhancing frothation
    Of the beautiful life composition

    "Aussi thoughts"
    4 july 2018
    10.50 pm