• tejaswini_verma 4w

    Dancing on to your heartbeat:
    I still had you to pacify the greatest storms in me,
    I still breath the magical aura of your mystifying love,
    Still enchanted by the dreamland you created ;
    Loved beyond the cosmos.

    But life happened...
    My summer rose was cut and thrown away
    It shook the strongest holds of my life
    My faith shattered , my belief wrecked-

    Gasping hard to breathe, trying hard to believe-
    I let you go...

    Once because i heard the faint nosies whisper, to hold on
    It was strangled -only to resurrect,
    Stronger than the Phoenix, mightier than Rome
    Built form the ashes
    Vibrant enough, to light up the entire horizon after the thunderstrom
    Real enough to last beyond the boundaries of cosmos still undiscovered.