• trusfrated_poet 5w

    Finding My Euphoria

    I took my hope and expectations along with me,
    I charged my soul with dreams,
    Undone my doubts and depression aside,
    Then I went for it,the quest for my euphoria.
    Travelled through mountains and valleys filled with lives,
    Walked through each streets, with the help of street lights.
    Glided through the sky with migrating birds,
    With only one thing in my mind,
    Finding my euphoria.

    I landed on a land filled with roses,
    I met a boy,he gave me posies,
    His eyes,shining deep within,
    I saw my reflection,crystal clear through.
    I thought he had my euphoria.
    He holded my hand and told yes.
    I slowly opened his secret chest.
    I searched and searched until I found a rock.
    I saw the roses turning Rafflessia,
    It opened and devoured a piece of my heart.
    Half of my hope have been spoilt by that,

    I got dejected of my worst lose.
    I found a widened scar in my chest,
    I went for the search of cure,
    I trudged along the hilly roads,
    Rumbling of my ecstasy,
    I found a patch of relief,
    from a soul I met on my way,
    It gave me the strength to move on,
    It watered glitters in my heart,
    My wound turned out to a scar,
    Pain and bleeding ended forever,
    But the scar still exist without a change.
    Then I resumed my journey with a little hope,One thing in my mind,
    Finding my euphoria.

    I walked down the bridge,in a leisurely pace,
    Without any hurry,I skated down the snow dunes.
    I crossed twice the river,once the ocean and I still came to there itself.
    I confused what's happening,
    For a long I continued my journey,
    Still the circling happening,
    I slow downed in my last try.
    I understood my mistake,
    I've been moving with a same flow,
    It went monotonously,I end up like a boomerang.
    I changed my direction,and flowed with a varied speed,
    Oh god! It really worked,
    I moved on with a different view.

    Then it's been a queue of many pain,waiting for me,
    One after one,not even one haven't forget to hit,
    The grief after pain after wound,
    Everything repeating one after other.
    But after a short while, I've been used to it,
    It become my addiction,which I got without my intentions.
    Slowly every pain,turned out to one smile,I started to realise,
    How to fake in this world.
    I pushed a dagger in my chest and continued my journey,
    So I can't be effected by the pain which is coming for me.

    I continued my journey,But now with a difference,
    I have a pen and a paper with me,
    I slowly started to see my signs,
    That I'm closer and deeper,and narrower to my euphoria,
    My soul recharged with more hope this time,
    And now I'm sure, I will not lose it,
    I can feel in every footprints I left behind,
    That I'm getting closer to my euphoria,
    Each verses,flowing out my fingertips,
    Reminded me of my euphoria,
    I'm feeling happier and happier,
    Without any reasons I'm feeling high,
    My eyes shining,and glittering than my past,
    I can see my euphoria ahead.