• feeding_my_heart 23w

    When i run out of words,i take loan from...

    My heart^s treasure
    thats where lies my memories
    Some moments nectary
    Others a jeopardy

    Friends who boosts my energy
    Love who is enough for more than infinity century

    Specially from @ruen_roven
    This person is explosion
    A beautiful poetess who helps me woven
    My words and get it flowing..
    Writes like spark
    Words of meaning on mark
    Guides my words away from dark

    From @sinon_stewart
    Encouraging spell brewer
    Anybody heard?
    She moves the heart of viewers..
    This person^s words are art
    I draw it in my chart
    and keep it close to my heart

    From @xenthe_royce
    Late comer caz of slumber?
    But a stunner
    Never forgets to enourage,no matter how much the posts may number
    I kinda of felt comfort
    Late yet never forgot to cover my words like summer.
    This persons words are in process
    Like how we think before we move in chess
    I am waiting for my access

    From @gracesweet
    Like the name sweet
    This person^s words are treat
    encourages me to greet
    Pushes my words to make it neat.

    These are all the things and people whom i get my loan and i am forever indebted to them..well all i am doing is trying to repay them with my love.

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    When i run out of words,
    I take loan from...
    Brain swords
    And heart guards