• zia_shah 5w

    Same life spinning

    Life is strange
    Life is a page
    Same story
    Same moral
    But no one remembered
    But no one recalled
    The things of the past
    The things that couldn't last
    Mistakes were made
    Mistakes that never fade
    Etched in memories
    Etched for centuries
    There is no forgiveness
    There is no remission
    Moving on is the thing to do
    Moving on is the way to go
    There is nothing to learn
    There is nothing to earn
    Go with the flow
    Go afar to grow
    Grow in the land free of sin
    Grow where joy is upto brim
    Everyday is a new day
    Everyday is a new beginning
    Life is same for everyone
    Life never befriends anyone
    The sun rises for all
    The sun shines high and tall
    Morning comes for everyone
    Morning waits for none
    It passes all too soon
    It changes within hours to noon
    Noon turns to dusk
    Noon ends with orange glow that's a must
    The sun sets
    The sun makes the day end
    With the end of day problems arrive
    With the fall of night issues arise
    Memories flood back in mind
    Memories in which mistakes are confined
    Remembering them doesn't helps
    Remembering them bring a fresh pain
    A new day is awaited
    A new day is called upon
    For making it all right
    For fixing the deeds that weren't right
    Spinning and turning like a cycle
    Spinning and moving fast that's life