• daborsky 10w

    Humane Humanity

    Life is like a hot coal,we do not grow a coal by watering it.

    When we hear about war, we think about the cries of battle and noise. The music of the gun and the dance of death, victory and defeat, strength and weakness

    When we hear about war, we should think about silence, the stillness that envelops the earth, the melody of the echo, we should think about humanity defeated

    For war is like an ejaculation, the euphoria when being turned on is appalling, the masculinity and ego is tested, proof of not being sterile follows, after sometime comes the ejaculation, leaving everyone weak and withered, just like ejaculation the rise to strength after is not immediate.

    Every word exchanged, every blow dealt, a piece of our humanity is chipped off, every kill, every victory comes the defeat of humanity, till no part survives, we become living mannequins, spectators in our world.

    If you come across error, rather than uprooting it, see if you can trim it patiently, allowing the light to shine on the nucleus of goodness, usually not missing in erroneous situations, you cannot grow a coal by watering it.