• blackbird_ 10w

    Desirous Daisy

    Drops a Daisy of a twig
    Departed yet, desirous and keen,
    With rustles of every approaching step
    Lies an angst,dying desire, flickering

    To be picked and swaddled
    pages of ebullient poetries in between
    yet quarter of a day, elapses
    Who will take the fallen while fresh are seen?

    Thought that made it withered
    Perceiving floweret throe within
    Congenial breeze caresses bracts
    Whispered, "to the west I'm moving"

    Where murmurs of brook soothes pain
    skies are amber bright and shimmering
    Disconsolate bloom wipes teardrops
    And zephyr drifts blossom with him...


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