• nihitbhatia 31w

    Over the years I have realized that there is absolutely no point feeding on anyone's jealousy. It makes you negative, tethered to unwanted thoughts, increases your stress level and worst of all keeps your soul caged.
    If you don't have their success or fame or fan following, then it's fine. Just breathe out and relax. There is absolutely no point emulating someone's skin, when your own skin is way off their radar. You were designed with specific functions to perform, with specific characteristics which no other one would have.

    Jealousy will keep you burning day and night and shifting you from your strengths which otherwise could have done wonders for you, if you had decided on just being you. The world remembers only the ones who dared to do something extraordinary, something unachievable and different, which no other human ever dared to go into that dimension.