• svtripathi 23w

    ��CAPTION��: It is, but it's not. Because we know what we’ll lose but we can’t see what we’ll gain. For that we need faith. And faith can be tricky.

    Loss is easier. We see the job we don’t like and its paycheck. We know the relationship that doesn’t fulfill us and yet feel comfort. We live in the house we hate but know so well. The old car we despise but are so scared to sell. We know EXACTLY what we stand to lose, and losing them means we remove part of ourselves. It’s an identity crisis.

    Gain is harder. We can’t touch what we don’t have. The promotion. The dream relationship. The purpose. The paycheck. And we’ve never had what we don’t have, so we don’t know what it feels like to get it. And if we don’t know the feeling, the impulse is to fear it. Because if it’s uncertain or unknown, it’s scary.

    But, in the space between ‘what if’ and ‘what is’ there lies a ‘maybe’ a ‘just might’ and a ‘what could be’. There lies possibility, and that’s where the leap lives. That’s where chance hatches. In the risk. A hunch of intuition leading to decision. A spark of opportunity. And when nothing is known, anything is possible. So dream big and believe, because both are just choices so decide what to be. Then go be the fucking thing.

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    Faith can be tricky

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