• kaushik619 6w

    We are to blame.
    We are to blame.
    Politicians who are rapists
    Politicians who are criminals
    Politicians who are corrupt.
    For them
    We are to blame.

    We are to blame
    We are to blame.
    Where do these creatures come from?
    From our homes
    From our streets
    From our colleges and offices.
    From our votes.
    We vote.
    We are to blame.
    We are to blame.

    How long will you be satisfied with false promises?
    How long will you vote for your caste?
    For your religion?
    For your race?
    Power will corrupt them all.
    All promises of progress will be broken
    Like the flimsy glass words they were
    Media will make it look like stained glass
    Breaking and scattering light and put on a show
    You'll be distracted with your own failure
    By your own leaders.

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    We are to blame.
    For the corrupt and the criminals
    We are to blame.
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