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    Do you believe in these phrases
    Life is an event : enjoy it , life is a journey not a competition , life itself is a privilege .
    If yes , than it's good but do you believe in
    the harsh realities of life too which are not really
    Visible in these phrases ..if not than you ain't
    ready for 'life'

    Life is not just a matter of a journey it's a complex term made with just four words strangely ..
    Sometimes you won't understand why you are
    So happy and sometimes you enjoy
    the mundanity of dark nights . They say
    If life give you lemons make a lemonade and drink it
    feels a cool term but again it's not just this much easy ..you will not always be able to make
    a lemonade but instantly and surely life will make you a squeezed lemon .

    And we fail to accept this fact , because we never
    read something like that . We are so empty or
    Possibly so fake that we crave happiness but never accepted sorrows ..how it could be possible .. without feeling the pain you won't be able to feel felicity . Life is an easy word to write
    and at the same time understanding it is just like writing a Shakespeare sonnet ... possibly not possible for a normal human .

    The sun has to descent to rise again , The water has to bear heat to feel alive in the form of rain
    So why we humans fail when we fall ..why we
    Depress ourselves more instead of accepting and to upswing again . If you want the moon just don't hide from the scars . Let the pain come and let it go don't hold on it and don't just let it go without
    Receiving it's message . Accepting life in every situation is The art of living and first we should
    master it. Maintain the balance ..adore the flaws more than perfection . (Tho perfection is nothing just a sick perception )

    Dance if you are bad at it , laugh until your stomach aches
    , Be like a child when clicking picture ..just don't hide yourself ...and obviously cry if you are sad until you feel full again , sit alone and feel sad if you are... just don't fake anything ... Say no.. if you want to ..don't kill your choices... just to keep others happy..if you are able to do this than you can call your life as an event .. than it's enjoying life in the right aspect .

    Ok . Bye��

    Read my rubbish long posts at your own risk .

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