• hustlemarrow 9w

    Remembering AUS

    The winds are now stopped blowing
    No chirping birds in trees
    to welcome faces,
    Trees are stopped dancing with
    Flirty breeze...
    No arms of listless wind
    Where we bloom so lazily !
    In secret kept,in silence sealed...
    Gentle passing days & nights...
    Deeply missing noises and laughs,
    Sounds of footsteps in campus,
    Silent corridors,Silent terrace
    Empty seats
    No one is inside the classroom
    to take life lessoons,
    Unmarked white blackboards,
    Untouched markers,books of Rabindra Library !
    Missing all familiar faces..
    No one's there to take tea break in canteen,Amul point,
    No one's there to admire.
    No one's there to celebrate midnight birthdays in hostels,
    Don't you remember the yellow buses ??
    No more Synonymy,Antonymy,homonymy
    No more combustion,inertia,friction in Lab.

    The thoughts,the hopes,dreams,love and pleasures..
    Whose charms are now missing terribly .

    You're like nights AUS
    Calmed and constellated
    Your silence is star like
    As distant as true..
    We miss you !!

    -By Jugalakshmi.
    17th July,2020.