• scarecrow 6w

    I donʼt understand people who ask whatʼs up and then curse when you tell them itʼs the ceiling, I seriously donʼt. So Iʼve assorted to telling them “The Stars” with a galaxy emoji next to it. (Speaking of which, whyʼs the word emo (?) given respect to and called emo-ji?).

    The thing about people is that they are flawed, and curious about other flaws. And when they find something different, it interests them. Some of them shut up and watch. Others donʼt. At some point or the other however, you can hear their questions even if they donʼt ask. Itʼs actually kinda weird.

    “Itʼs morning. How can there be stars?” Um..sorry but I thought I learnt in first grade that even if you canʼt see them, theyʼre still there in the sky. “Oh.”.They say oh, when theyʼre trying to be polite and handling stuff they donʼt readily accept. Itʼs almost a sort of defense mechanism. What from? I donʼt know(definitely me)

    There are some who love answering. Even if nobody really questioned them in the first place. Theyʼre like the intellectuals or something. Giving opinions and from-my-point-of-views. Sometimes they look so dumb doing this because they argue about something theyʼve no idea about.Itʼs almost funny. Not letting other people make fun of you but doing it yourself, I mean.

    “This is impossible. Like when you see up thereʼs the roof (??). Beyond that there are the stars”. Ohhh..I mean yeah right. Pfft, why didnʼt I think of that. (The Stars are still up, arenʼt they?)

    But mind you, there are people who actually have so much knowledge in them. If they speak up theyʼre called nerds. If they donʼt, thereʼs always, youʼre-too-shy.

    “Itʼs supposed to be a starless night.” Of course Iʼm not updated with that kind of information am I, random person with (seemingly obtained) artificial intelligence? At this juncture Iʼm forced to emit selected frequencies of my Wikipedia and fandom knowledge. But you know, sympathy is one thing. Appreciation for unusual stuff with unusual stuff, another thing. And in the war of the innocents with text replies on different sides of the screen, unusual sympathy-kind-of-thing wins. Stickers, I tell them. (The fighter understands. The fought only try).