• ashwin24 10w

    To the ones who can’t sleep at night,

    Hey. I know You’re Scrolling that news feed,playing games, watching series, or listening music. I know you’re trying your best to keep your mind engaged because you know, the moment your mind will be free, you will end up in the situation you don’t want to

    I know how it feels when you want to sleep but you’re not able to. I know because I’ve been there too,lying in the bed, staying wide awake, staring at that one source of light.

    You know That that moment you would close your eyes, you’ll be on roller coaster of emotions.Sometimes it’s the heaviness of the past, the scars that have been carved on your soul, sometimes it’s the anxiety about future, that keeps you awake and sometimes you don’t feel everything at all.

    Every Night You Console Yourself That Tomorrow Would Be New, MayBe Tomorrow would be new, Maybe tomorrow you won’t have to struggle to sleep. You think of the times when you used to sleep peacefully, the time when life did not happen. And Then You Yourself don’t know when you fall asleep.

    I know all if it because I’m still there, trying hard to have that peaceful sleep.