• sonali_poet 9w

    Lonely Nights

    After a tiring and an unending day , i long to sit on the terrace, gazing at the moon shining so bright,
    As it takes away my worries and pain with a scenic view of sky at night.
    It's time for me to pamper myself with light music and my favourite drink.
    The stars are my companion , receprocating to my conversation, with constant blink.
    The night is dark and its silence is very deep,
    I want to talk my mind out before I get my sleep.
    I share my emotions of stress and sorrow,
    As night promised, to bring me a cheerful tomorrow.
    The night was so lonely, silent, mesmerizing and peaceful,
    Adorning its beauty were sparkling stars and all looked so beautiful.
    I looked at sky and extended my arms, pleaded Moon to reach my love, staying far away, crossing all mountains , rivers, jungles and meadows.
    Moon looked at me, smiled and said that he can very well see my love,
    Who was too, missing me and complaining of distances, sitting by his window.
    The lonely night reminded me of the promise that I made,
    To stay calm , quiet, poised in wait for you,
    Reiterated to keep myself strengthened and collected till I once again be with you.
    I am still waiting , no matter how dark the nights are for me and you.
    My lonely nights are nothing but my search for stars and moon in you.