• ishagoel_12 22w

    Colours of life

    What it takes to be a good human being?
    Right now, more than love,
    We people are more obsessed with,
    And yes...of course just living a life with loaded regrets and sorrow.
    I ask, why?
    Dear Man, love yourself
    Just think of good ourselves...
    Answer me..
    Have you ever observed a prism?
    Prism with definite shape...
    A shiny material...
    Just in search of that one light,
    A light so bright,
    Just to split that colour of white...
    The colour white which transformed into it's seven beautiful colours bright.
    Just like prism,
    We are here on this earth.
    Dear Man,
    Just go for that, one light,
    that one sunshine,
    Which splits your inner white light,
    into it's different colours bright.
    Let that colours burst in your life,
    Let that colours make you do, anything you ever wanted to achieve in your life.
    Be the shine.
    Be the bright colour.
    Be the prism,
    of your life.