• thesilententity 30w

    Foolishly in love

    It's April, the month for the fool
    We fool's though,love to play cool.
    Aren't we all, when it comes to love?
    Fooling around, sending prayers to the one above..
    I too had a reason to play the fool once.
    My reason was a cute little thing...
    Beautiful , short , funny ; my very own zing.
    I remember her fondly ...
    Sweet Memories of the distant past,
    Of times we thought would forever last.
    At dusk , I often wonder
    Does she still reach out for me when there is rain with thunder?
    Does she still remember me?
    Us , our numerous precious moments ; does she?
    Well time lost is time gone
    With time the sweet memories begone.
    The only thing left are my share of the shards
    Pieces of my heart , like a jumbled deck of cards
    Well I really hope she finally found peace
    ,Her home,abode , her heart ill at ease
    Because overall she was a good being,
    Mayebe even the best one around me
    But the thing is "we" were never meant to be.