• emeray 10w

    Beautiful Miss petite

    She's the one with the beautiful voice ,
    A soprano singer in the Lord's abode
    Her voice echoes richly ,
    Recreating a melody
    That lingers persistently in my labyrinth
    Her steps are like those of a queen ,
    Endued with elegance and style .
    Her face glows in the face of a harsh weather
    Her cheeks are round and plump ,
    Dimpled on a side and half ,
    They raise their heads with pride
    Giving way to a puerile smile .
    Her personality is one of a kind
    Selfless as can be ,
    She's one of God's very best
    Virtuous and intelligent
    Do revel in God's abundance
    All the days of your life
    Now and whenever
    Beautiful miss petite .