• ablaze_writer 10w

    As I started writing this piece I got a news of my grandfather being on ventilator struggling for his life,maybe for some last breaths and I don't know what else.
    This is the end, the piece I am dedicating to him
    He is a strong man and I really pray that he comes back even stronger.

    @bluepuppy01 I was really happy to think about this piece and now I have complex emotions but again I thank you for the topic bud.

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    They say a man dies 3 times
    // first with the loss of naive
    // second with the loss of innocence
    // third with the loss of life itself 

    And they all are inevitable
    Death is some piece of a puzzle
    Which when connected completes the picture
    Yes, a picture.

    Picture of life
    Picture of memories
    Picture of things that happened over a course of time
    Do you know that
    You don't die when you die

    You just live for eternity
    Throughout the memories
    You are the stardust
    Which lives in the milky way
    You are the combination of spells
    Protecting loved ones whole time
    You are what you were
    You won't change
    And that is something best about death

    So, If you were to ask me
    How I want my death?
    I had say it should be peaceful
    In the darkness of night
    Seeing the sky
    Lit with the starlight
    In the embrace of my loved one
    Without any
    Cause and effect
    It should feel like
    Walking over the rainbow
    And at the other end
    Lies the afterlife

    With some another name
    Some another plan
    And some other Destiny...