• aditinigam 6w


    I build a castle
    in my head,
    I sit on the thrown,
    Emblazoned with the crown,
    People bow and trumpets blow,
    To the majesty .

    The palace glimmers with grandiose,
    Plush carpets and royal vibes,
    But there's no king,
    The Queen is the mighty.

    People mollycoddle her
    For she's
    Laced with courage,
    Armored with bravery,
    Endowed with grace.

    Probably my daydream,
    A 'dream in time',
    To unveil my wildest dreams
    in the realm of reality,
    To enter the aisle of
    self -reliance and freedom,
    To live like a Queen,
    And be the Majesty.