• damilare_mapper 10w

    So she asked; "When are you planning on telling her then", then I answered; "I can’t! she’ll have to find out herself, by the time am dead . Then and there; my mum knocked sense into me with a pep talk of how selfish my ideology was (in a polite way though, cause you wouldn’t want to make someone who has stage IV lung cancer sad now would you ). I eventually told my mum I’d tell her soon enough, so she gave me a big hug with tears rolling down her eyes , and told me to go have fun. For someone who was about to die of cancer, you’d be surprised I was still going to school , well I choose to make my own decisions, even though all odds are stalked against me. I was going to graduate from the university in a few months, and we had our department dinner, which I invited her to accompany me to (I planned on telling her about my illness that same night). I remember vividly; it was on the 17th of October 2020 (on a Saturday), and she looked miraculously stunning . We had so much fun that night that if I died that night, am sure I’d have died a happy man.