• juniorauthor 9w

    Classic love story

    This is just a classic love story
    But this ending will make you sorry

    We start off with a hometown girl
    Add some hair with little brown curls
    Put on her a skirt
    And just keep watching her twirl

    On the outside she's a perfect little angel
    But on the inside she feels so painful
    She's is shy and quiet and timid
    She wished for a boy who would finally be faithful

    Not far away there was a trouble making boy
    Who treated every girl like one of his toys
    He liked making trouble
    And taking away people's joys

    On the inside he had nothing to live for
    He was constantly at self war
    Loosing his family had done that to him
    He only wanted someone to care for

    Soon these paths they do collide
    At a boarding school on the Eastside
    They saw each other in the hallway
    And thought that their fate was tied

    One day they bump into each other
    She dropped her books and said "Oh brother"
    Then she looked up and saw who it was
    And they understand one another

    They started hanging out every day after school
    But they tried acting really cool
    They became friends instead of lovers
    They both acted like total fools

    They knew that they loved the other one
    But they never told none
    They could never work up the courage
    So their love could not be won

    Many years later there was in a mishap
    Two cars turned into some scrap
    He went into a long coma
    In her heart there was a big gap

    She waited ten full years for him to wake
    But this was a fight he couldn't take
    She visited him every single day
    And felt her heart slowly break

    She went home that very night
    And she could no longer take the fight
    She decided it was no longer worth it
    And tied a rope around her neck real tight

    He woke up the following day
    Only to be in immediate dismay
    To find that his friend was actually dead
    Turned his whole life into grey

    He went to her home and found the place
    Where she turned to a dead carcass
    He took a rope and tied it around
    And tried to imagine her beautiful face

    He died in that very same spot
    Everyone thought that apart they should be not
    They buried them side by side forever
    Finally it was over all they had fought