• rebelpjones 23w

    Meditation pt.2
    By RebelpJones

    Tempers flaring
    angers glaring,
    The denouement
    Of his identity
    shall never be found
    If man can't ever realize
    It's always been within him
    Seize the day you awaken
    the mind
    And escape mans
    cancerous prison
    let our spirits
    across the stars Conflate
    And create a glorious
    shimmer of celestial prisms,
    As we travel
    through each other's slumbers,
    Speak in each other's dreams,
    Share visions.
    A dalliance with madness
    Helps me retrieve hidden data
    Deep madness has to happen
    to get to the lighter layers
    of your inner fabrics,
    Don't mind the static
    We've only changed the channel,
    We've brought you here through , satellites and cancelled your cable,
    This message here will be televised
    In your mind, use the vision put behind your eyes attached to the inner most deep parts of your mind,
    This here is your conscious and I'm taking over.
    The world's moving so fast,
    But human minds are sleep
    And desultory weighed down heavy
    There are some of us trying our hardest to awaken you