• the_solitary_soul 30w


    Yards away I wanna run,
    From the curious questioning people around who are keenly interested and ever ready to know about amd poke into what we have.
    Miles away I wanna live
    To think what is it
    That pushes me away yet pulls a bit more closer to you.
    Kilometres away I wanna be
    To figure it out what we have before someone else does.
    Metres away I need keep my people
    So that I again don't depend on them for my decisions about us.
    Centimeters away I need to stay from you so that we still have a physical distance for others but still feel the essence of this feeling.
    And lastly, not possible though,
    I wanna have you completely close to me so that even milimetres is also not a possible unit to measure our distance
    So that you never ever even think of leaving me.