• roviso 5w

    The Quarrel

    One Knows fully well that when you're annoyed and ignored the next step can be dangerous. The more so if the insult goes on and on. Anything and everything said in the spur of a moment can be fun when we look back after the fire of fury has died down.

    "Who will listen to your words that stings", came the reply as I opened my mouth "you don't listen to me". The battle of words exchanged can be like that of Kargil War. But the good news is, there is no victors in love battle. Both parties have casualties which hurts.

    "I won't obey you" came nor sooner had I said, "you've never listened to me". The best excuse I got for not rending her ears was "you're not much father". One fact which mad couple forgets in such moment is that: they are hurting themselves by insulting the other.

    Human can say many harsh heavy words when s/he is at fury. They tend to blind what comes next, life worths more than an evening's quarrel. "Get lost" and the equilibrium "you get lost first" are all a fleeting words pronounced by boneless tongue in a rage of an anger.

    External wounds can be healed by medications but internal injuries bruised at heart takes time to be healed. A person may forget for some days and years but when such tsunami of fight takes place, the past domant volcano will erupt again. Quarrel does ruin relationships.