• artinginthearena 5w


    I have probably hated you more than loved you
    It says a lot more than I would like to reveal
    But it seems they always know more than I
    I just know I want life in me to act differently

    You prance around us with your lectures
    And your knowledge purely acting in words
    You have ideals and you often adopt blindness
    You have so many conclusions and reasons
    But how am I so same
    When I have tortured
    Myself so to get away
    All the fancies to escape
    But I am too same.

    I think I hated you more than I loved you
    It's not true if someone is reallly keeping record
    Mind can be a hellish place, you have made it so
    Mind can be a hellish place, I have made it so
    You are you, I am I
    But such polarities I strive to drive away,