• himanshusisodiya 5w


    We live in a world that
    Were we all surrounded by the people,
    We still are lonely

    We all search for someone to be outside always
    But sometimes it's works sometime is doesn't
    But you always want someone who lets your heart out
    Most of the times you are left alone,

    Survive they say
    Or you can have someone better than us
    Or you aren't our type !
    We all have this is our life
    There are somethings you can't have,
    Maybe it's your past or you are afraid enough!

    Or you are the one !
    The one who lives in shadow,
    the one who is there in everyone lives but a shadow,
    But hang in their
    Shadows will show their bright side,and
    Sun will rise from the shadows
    Fight and survive because you aren't alone in this!