• the_morning_cloud 45w

    Who Are You?

    Another sleepless night
    Another day to wake up to
    Do I look forward to it?
    Never have, never will
    To get out of bed meant
    It all must happen again

    Life proceeding without me
    I can't seem to catch up anymore
    Is it true? Will I give up?
    Even if I wanted to, what is the point?
    It is a privilege I don't have

    Flash a smile, feel myself breaking
    Scared the pain might show
    Talk with glee, feel myself drowning
    Scared my voice might break

    The ones I love
    Too far, their backs turned to me
    A stranger's warmth became
    The home I needed
    The desperate relief I need
    Something to hold on to

    Why am I sad?
    Why am I suffocating?
    Why do I blame myself?
    Who are you to make me feel this way?
    – D.D