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    A just kick back to critisim and just creating wonderful impact!#self love����

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    I am enough for me

    I am so done with the sadness
    I am tired of all the madness..
    If the world doesn't bother my existence let it..
    If the people don't mind by presence let them.
    I know who I am and I am a gem!
    God created me and yes I have a purpose:)
    I won't back out nor would I quit!
    If people leave and walk away...
    I wouldn't cry and just stare at their way...
    I know what I deserve and I'll just walk away!
    Seasons do go away and time does pass..
    It is useless to just sit in sadness so make the moments last!
    I am worthy and my existence matters too!
    I won't get one comment to break me in to two!
    My life is beautiful and has a ray of spectrum.
    The colours kept shining and created a beautiful sight!
    But guess what I was blinded by the light!
    I know life is much more I know how hard it gets
    But I'll love myself deep down till the core