• nawikrita_t_rai 10w

    The painful side of love

    With love comes pain. And when you love someone, you give him/her the ticket, the right to hurt you, to bring you pain. When a dear one hurts you, the pain comes from deep within, from where love had begun. Yet you cannot unlove that person because love is constant, it does not stop at hurdles, it grows all the more and there will come a point where you won't be able to distinguish between grief and love. Perhaps because you are covered in wounds that bear your bare heart which is bleeding, yet beating.

    Have you tasted your own tears? One does, when they keep rolling down the cheeks and you have no time to wipe them off, and they won't stop their fall. Laughter surrounds you, people laughing at their own businesses but you feel as if you're being laughed at at your own foolishness. Perhaps because love is also laughable. It is foolish yet not easily acquired, it knows no bounds. One day, it'll reach you and when it does, be prepared for pain because where love enters, there is a possibility that pain also enters.