• ritu_lata 5w

    # Periods

    To girls , every month it's a knock;
    Sometimes comes with a signal and sometimes it's a shock.
    It brings with it a terrible pain....
    and the tantrums of hiding those stain.
    But it's a yearlong custom....since grandparents; that nobody she should tell,
    Being with so trouble inside ; but from outside she should look well.
    She does all her daily work with such cramps,
    one should appreciate her for being a born champ.
    For those men....who thinks women are just weak and shy;
    Is it possible for them ...to bleed for seven days and not die.
    But still it's so ironic to tell :
    A girl bleeding during her days is considered impure,
    but she bleeding on her 1st night is a sign that she is pure.
    These myths are still trending from old age;
    Which all have to stand together to erase.