• sakshirajput 6w

    If I could say one thing on the loudspeaker I would just say -
    Remove the word RUDE from your dictionary. Rude is rude even when it came out of some situation. Rude is evil, rude are the sharp words that come out of your mouth, rude is a silent killer and it kills you too.

    Stop being rude atleast for your own sake.
    Okay, rudeness comes from a part of you that is unhealthy or bruised or scarred but what's the point of spreading more rudeness? Just like Hate can't drive out hate and darkness can't drive out darkness in the same way rudeness can't drive out rudeness only kindness can do that.

    Being hurt is not a yes for being rude.
    Being broken is not a yes for being rude.
    Being a victim is not a yes for being rude.

    Sufferings are not the reason to be rude. Rudeness might satisfy your ego but it increases the sufferings.
    Rudeness is harmful for you, for your body, for your mind.
    Practice kindness!
    Do it for yourself��

    P.S- Thoda bohot chalta hai..xD

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